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Friday, October 4
We Tell: Turf

About the Event

We Tell: Fifty Years of Participatory Community Media, a national traveling exhibition organized by Scribe Video Center, is a thematic collection of short documentaries produced by community media entities from across the US. We Tell chronicles the hidden histories of place-based documentaries that arise from specific locales, communities, and needs for social and political change.

Participatory community media is a unique form of documentary practice produced in collaboration with communities and subjects. As a production strategy, these works focus on the micro rather than the macro. They view local, national, and international issues through the lens of people who experience them. Instead of the long form theatrical feature, participatory community media often utilizes short form documentary circulating across communities and politics.

(1979-2018) Various Directors
Not Rated 

The works in Turf explore the politics of housing, displacement, gentrification, homelessness, and the significance of urban spaces for democratic participation. The projects span cities such as Braddock, Pennsylvania; Detroit; Houston; New Orleans; New York City; Philadelphia; San Francisco; and Seattle. The videos in Turf reveal that cities have transformed into battlegrounds between communities and those in power who would take land and space to expand their economic and political authority.

Program One
92 minutes 

The Invisible City: Houston’s Housing Crisis; Part 2: Messages (James Blue with Adèle Naudé Santos, Southwest Alternative Media Project, 1979, 28 minutes)

Survival Information Television (SIT): Must You Pay the Rent? (Jeanne Keller, New Orleans Video Access Center, 1975, 11:56 minutes)

Voices from a Steeltown (Tony Buba, 1983, 28 minutes)

Freedom on the Block? (Sammy Soeun and James Varian with Vinh Duong, Dennis Hwang, Pearl Quach, Seyha Tap [Spencer Nakasako, facilitator], Vietnamese Youth Development Center, 2004, 6 minutes)

Occupy Portland Eviction Defense (Tim and Rio, B Media Collective, 2011, 5:26 minutes)

Take Me Home (Orlando Ford, Detroit Eviction Defense, Detroit Narrative Agency, United Community Housing Coalition and, The Coalition to End Unconstitutional Tax Foreclosure, 2018, 12 minutes)

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