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Sunday, October 6
We Tell: Body Publics

About the Event

We Tell: Fifty Years of Participatory Community Media, a national traveling exhibition organized by Scribe Video Center, is a thematic collection of short documentaries produced by community media entities from across the US. We Tell chronicles the hidden histories of place-based documentaries that arise from specific locales, communities, and needs for social and political change.

Participatory community media is a unique form of documentary practice produced in collaboration with communities and subjects. As a production strategy, these works focus on the micro rather than the macro. They view local, national, and international issues through the lens of people who experience them. Instead of the long form theatrical feature, participatory community media often utilizes short form documentary circulating across communities and politics.

Body Publics
(1973-2000), Various Directors
Not Rated | Two Programs

Body Publics focuses on controversial issues surrounding the body and public health, exposing the ailments and diseases of individuals who are ill and of our inadequate healthcare system. These works show how lack of access to various forms of healthcare affects people from many different ethnicities and identities, including the LGBTQIA community. This program chronicles continued advocacy by citizens to control their own bodies. 

Program 2
86.5 minutes

HSA Strike ’75 (Jerry Blumenthal, Judy Hoffman, Gordon Quinn, Kartemquin Films, 1975, 20 minutes)

Testing the Limits: NYC (Gregg Bordowitz, Jean Carlomusto, Sandra Elgear, Robyn Hutt, Hilery Joy Kipnis, David Meieran, Testing the Limits Collective, 1987, 30 minutes)

Bodyworks (Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art and Scribe Video Center [Andres Nicolini, facilitator], 1994, 13.5 minutes)

Diabetes: Notes from Indian Country (Beverly Singer, 2000, 23 minutes)

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