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Friday, September 25
Songs that Never End (screening & webinar)

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Rice Cinema is hosting a webinar for Songs that Never End

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Songs that Never End

directed by Yehuda Sharim

(USA, 2019, 114 minutes)

Friday, September 25th at 6 pm CST

Q&A at 8 pm CST

“A fascinating, compelling, and mesmerizing film.” George Lipsitz, scholar, University of California, Santa Barbara

“A beautiful tapestry illustrating the beauty and bleakness in the lives of one refugee family.” Anna Song, scholar, University of California, Merced

Having fled their home in Iran, the Dayan family — Abbas and Samira, their eldest son, Ali, daughter, Hana, and twins, Elia and Helia — is greeted with hurricanes and perilous politics in Houston, Texas. Nine-year-old Hana, who is bold and brilliant, struggles to be heard while her family comes to grips with life in a sprawling metropolis, reaching out to all that has been lost and yet, still remains: the hope for a promising future and songs of a kinder world.

Songs That Never End is a lyrical and poetic meditation on displacement. It intimately portrays emotional histories embedded in the experience of crossing borders and the never-ending feeling of immigration, where one blockage continuously leads to another. Shapeless moments of honest chaos pave the way to a space of instability, where things are constantly in motion, restless and exhausting. The viewer sees deep anguish and craving for a safe haven through the eyes of nine-year old Hana and her fourteen-old-brother, Ali. What are the challenges of border-crossing from the youth’s perspective, whose world view is still evolving? How do they make sense of things?

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