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Tuesday, November 5
Some Like It Hot

About the Event

Some Like It Hot
Directed by Billy Wilder
(US, 1959, 121 min.)
Tuesday, November 5 at 6:00 pm
Screening @ Rice Cinema
Admission Free

Reception 6:00 pm
Screening 7:00 pm
Film introduced by Marilyn Monroe impersonator- Kristy Casey Deal

A remake of a 1951 German film, which, in turn, was a 1933 French film, Billy Wilder’s film, with its disguise, reversals, gender role play, and violence, might as well have been written by Plautus. Two semi-employed musicians (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) witness the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre and flee the Chicago mob by disguising themselves as women and joining an all-woman big band on its way to the wealthy playground of South Florida. In the band they meet Marilyn Monroe – I mean Sugar Kane. Doubly nostalgic, for the roaring twenties and for the old movies that shaped our perception of them, the film features a litany of aging stars like George Raft, Pat O’Brien, and Joe E. Brown. Much of the music you will hear is from Gene Cipriano, Red Callender, Art Pepper, and other West Coast greats. In the end, though, it is Marilyn Monroe singing “I’m Thru With Love” – a moment that defines her career and her stardom.

Brought to you by Houston Vintage and the Murfee Worsham Screenings of Rice Cinema

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