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Past Event
Department of Art
Saturday, December 3

About the Event


Directed by Jordan Peele

(US, 2022, 130 min.)

Friday, December 2 | 7:00 PM

Saturday, December 3 | 7:00 PM

Jordan Peele’s third film as a director, after Get Out and Us, is a science fiction and horror meditation on show business, the Western, and photography. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer play brother and sister trying to keep their family horse training company alive. Meanwhile, down the road, a former child star (Steven Yuen) and his family run a western roadside attraction. But there is something in the sky they cannot quite see. “The only sci-fi movie that might scare and delight Guy Debord and Ed Wood to the same degree, “Nope” offers a giddy throwback to the days of little green men and hubcap U.F.O.s that hopes to revitalize those classic tropes for audiences who’ve seen too much bloodshed on their own screens to believe in Hollywood’s ‘bad miracles.’ It’s a tractor beam of a movie pointed at people who’ve watched 9/11 happen so many times on network TV that it’s lost any literal meaning; who’ve scrolled past body cam snuff films in between Dril tweets; who’ve become accustomed to rubbernecking at American life from inside the wreckage” – David Ehrlich, Indywire

Discounted parking at Founder’s Court. $5 flat rate, credit card required.

Directions & Parking

Entrance #1, or entrance #20

Nearest visitor parking lot:

Founders Court 

Lovett Lot


Sewall Hall

United States