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Visual and Dramatic Arts
Friday, October 18
The Nightingale

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The Nightingale
Directed by Jennifer Kent
(Australia, 2019, 136 min.)

Friday October 18 7:00

Admission Free

Jennifer Kent’s follow up to The Babadook has the same level of trauma and fear, with some more violence added. A little slice of Tasmanian Gothic, set on that island during its hellscape genocidal past, the film follows Clare Carroll (Aisling Francciosi, best known for TV work in The Fall and Game of Thrones) in her quest for vengeance against the soldiers who have traumatized here. She impresses a young Aboriginal tracker (Baykali Ganambar in his first film) into service. Also starring Damon Herriman and Cam Claflin. Several collaborators return from The Babadook: Jed Kurzel (Music), Radek Ladzuk (Cinematography), and Simon Njoo (Editing). As one of the human monsters remarks, “You may not want trouble but sometimes it finds you.” Winner of two awards at last year’s Venice International Film Festival: the Special Jury Prize and the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Ganambarr.

The Nightingale isn’t a ghost story, but its characters are deeply haunted. This is a world gone wrong, where innocent settlers are slaughtered in their sleep, genocide is a casual trigger-pull, and death means a dozen stabs in the chest followed by a dozen blows to the face. But, remarkably, against all odds, the film is not without hope. Throughout all the persecution and trauma, there’s resilience and the promise of a new dawn. “You can’t kill what’s already dead,” Clare says at one point. She transcends defeat. Her dark song lifts us all.” – Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

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