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Visual and Dramatic Arts
Saturday, May 4
Naila and the Uprising

About the Event

NAILA AND THE UPRISING (directed by Julia Bacha, 2017, 76 min)

When a nation-wide uprising breaks out in 1987, a woman in Gaza must make a choice between love, family and freedom. Undaunted, she embraces all three, joining a clandestine network of women in a movement that forces the world to recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination for the first time.
Naila and the Uprising chronicles the remarkable journey of Naila Ayesh whose story weaves through the most vibrant, nonviolent mobilization in Palestinian history – the First Intifada in the late 1980s.
“We knew we wanted to bring this story to light by producing a documentary that could provide insight and wisdom from the veteran women activists of the First Intifada to today’s rising leaders. We felt it was crucial to provide a more holistic account of that time, illuminating how Palestinians have historically engaged in unarmed resistance efforts, underscoring the power of civil society in creating change and elevating the role of women in movement building.” Julia Bacha (2017)

General admission - 10$

Tickets can be purchased at the door

Directions & Parking

Entrance #8 via University Blvd & Stockton Drive

Nearest visitor parking lots:
Moody Lot (previously known as Hess Lot)


Rice Media Center
Auditorium Room #100