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Thursday, October 1
Empaná de Pino presented by Baird Campbell (Virtual Event)

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Low-Fi: Festival of Births II

Empaná de Pino (2008)

Chile, 88 min

Directed by Edwin Oyarce

Presented by Baird Campbell


The plot centers around the story of “Hija de Perra (Daughter of a Bitch),” a woman who with her servant “Perdida (Lost)” decides to sell empanadas de pino—a traditional Chilean ground beef empanada—made of human flesh. Hija de Perra’s obsession with bringing back to life her dead husband Caballo (Horse) leads her to come into contact with supernatural beings who can bring back her husband, but at a great price.

Written and directed by Chilean filmmaker Wincy, this film is often compared to the work of John Waters, and stars the late Hija de Perra, one of Chile’s most well known and notorious drag queens.

Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.




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