Art History
Friday, February 19
Katherine Tsanoff Brown Lecture Series featuring Dr. Yong Cho

About the Event

The Department of Art History and Department of Transnational Asian Studies cordially invite you to virtually attend the first Katherine Tsanoff Brown Lecture Series of the semester with Dr. Yong Cho, Assistant Professor of the History of Art at University of California, Riverside. Professor Cho is a specialist in the art and architecture of East and Central Asia from medieval and early modern periods. He focuses on the question of how artistic creativity emerges when people, objects, and ideas move or become displaced from the place of origin.

Dr. Yong Cho
“The Mongol Impact: Why Weave When You Can Paint or Sculpt?”
Friday, February 19, 2021 | 4PM CST
This webinar is free and open to the Rice community and public. Zoom registration is required.
About the lecture:
The Mongol ruling house during China’s Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) enshrined portrait images of deceased emperors and empresses along with tantric Buddhist mandalas intended to represent their ritual embodiments. Interestingly, these images—portraits and mandalas—were woven completely in silk using the technique of tapestry with slits (kesi). This was a dramatic departure from established tradition in China and North Asia, where such images were either painted or sculpted. What accounted for this transition in medium? This lecture considers this question from the perspective of the Mongol ruling house at the center of a world empire.
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