Past Event
Visual and Dramatic Arts
Friday, November 30
NO MORE MAIL PLEASE opening at Inferno Gallery

About the Event

Inferno Gallery is excited to present “No More Mail Please” on Thursday, November 29, 8-11pm. The show is a collaborative body of work by Rachel Wilkins and Dana Suleymanova that probes the tension between the digital image and the printed image by utilizing both in multimedia collages. The work embeds obsolete technologies such as iPods, old iPhones, and digital picture frames within drawings created out of cheap materials such as cardboard, paper, and fabric. By undermining the familiar presentation of digital imagery in a clean, rectangular format, the artists question the sensual, sexy and often feminine portrayal of media devices. The exhibition reconsiders the authority of the digital and proposes playful alternatives to thinking about the valuable and the valueless.

Free food, beverages, and wine will be provided.

Music will be provided by KTRU DJ Laura Richardson!

If you miss the opening, email us at to schedule an appointment to view the exhibition. The exhibition will be on view through December and part of January.

Directions & Parking


Sewall Hall courtyard, rm 258