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Visual and Dramatic Arts
Friday, February 21
“Once I Moved Like the Wind: Geronimo’s Final Surrender” - Work in progress

About the Event

Once I moved like the wind: Geronimo’s final surrender

A film in five parts by Brian Huberman & Ed Hugetz
Q&A to follow screening


The film is structured around two difficult and sometimes dangerous journeys that are vital to experiencing Geronimo’s last days of freedom. First to Skeleton Canyon, Arizona, located on the other side of a locked gate and second to Canyon de los Embudos in Sonora, Mexico deep in the land of the drug cartels.

The Geronimo film is set in the context of the great Imperial actions of the 1880s that were dramatized by what came to be known as the Last Stand myth. Beginning with Custer’s Last Stand this image of national identity was soon picked up by the great powers of the day including Great Britain, Germany, France, and Russia.

We experience the journey of the film through several individuals including an urban indian artist, a Chiricahua Apache medicine woman, a Vietnam War Vet with PTSD, a rancher/ environmentalist, a scholar and a horse.


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