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The Mini-Comic

CATS Mini Comic CoverFree download!

The Mini-Comic Mini-Comic is a 16-page mini-comic on how to produce your own mini-comic! Developed by Associate Professor Christopher Sperandio for Communities Router, a program of community-based comic workshops for Make A Difference Asia (link: http://www.MaD.Asia).

The Mini-Comic Mini-Comic is an accumulation of “How to” information on the steps and practicalities of making your own DIY mini-books.

Instructions: Download, print double-sided on the appropriate paper size, cut, staple and enjoy! Share The Mini-Comic Mini-Comic with your friends!

US Letter-sized [link] >>

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Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop

"An American East Indian in Alief," a new 160-page book to be published by the Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop

An American Indian in Alief BookAn American East Indian in Alief collects the surviving childhood comics created by filmmaker Sharad Kant Patel, a native of the Houston suburb of Alief. Sharad spent his formative years lovingly adapting some of his favorite films into comics. "Alien", "An American Werewolf in London", "ET", "Return of The Jedi" and others, were transcribed and reinvented through the combination of images and text. Forbidden by his parents to see some of these films, Sharad meticulously recreated these movies as comics by using descriptions from friends, novelizations, furtive Betamax viewings and publicity photographs.

These works are preserved and presented publicly for the first time. Christopher Sperandio, associate professor of art at Rice states, “Sharad’s drawings are evidence of drive and determination. As an archive, they’re remarkable — who keeps this stuff? Bordering on the maniacal, they’re the product of a young mind consumed with an enthusiasm for cinema.” An American East Indian in Alief is published by the Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop at Rice University. The exhibition will be on view at The Emergency Room Exhibition Room 402 Sewall Hall Rice University, 6100 Main St. Houston, Texas from September 22 through October 28, 2016. Get your copy by visiting: lulu.com>>


CATS Image 2Based in the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts at Rice University, the Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop is a repository for original comic art and books. These resources are available to students, faculty, and guests of the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts. CATS operates both as a research space and as a annex classroom for the studio art area.

For more information on CATS Workshop, including future programming such as seminars and lectures, please contact Professor Christopher Sperandio (sperandio@rice.edu).

About VADA:

The CATS Workshop is the latest effort to enhance undergraduate education through the establishment of highly effective, modestly scaled and popular curriculum-based initiatives undertaken by the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts at Rice.  Matchbox Gallery, the first student-run exhibition space at Rice, has grown into a crucial component of our program, foregrounding undergraduate student research in the context of a professional space that the students manage.  Students not only get an opportunity to exhibit their work, but also the opportunity to manage an art space. This student-run gallery was recently named by Houston Press as one of the top five small exhibitions spaces in Houston. Running parallel to this program is the Emergency Room, an exhibition space dedicated to bringing local artists to the Rice campus to develop new works, in order to engage our students and to present modest solo exhibitions of contemporary art.  Past participating artists have gone on to prestigious residencies museum exhibitions, and added to the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The most recent exhibition, featuring a new kinetic artwork by Rice alum Logan Beck, is featured in the March issue of  Art + Culture Magazine.

Watch "Anything but lowbrow: A new home for comic art opens at Rice" >> 
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